(02) Article 2 - Collective Bargaining

1. Bargaining Representatives
The parties hereto agree that collective bargaining shall be carried on between the authorized representative(s) of the Company and the Union, and that no Agreement shall be effective and binding upon the Company or the Union unless and until it is reduced to writing and signed by the authorized representative(s) at the Headquarters level of the Company and the National level of the Union.

2. Entire Agreement
This Agreement constitutes the entire agreement between the parties, and no waiver or modification shall be effective unless signed by the parties hereto, and no such writing, applicable to any particular instance or instances shall be construed as any general waiver or modification, but shall be strictly limited to the extent and occasion specified herein.

3. Mutual Respect
The Company and the Union recognize that it is in the best interest of both parties, the employees, and the public that all dealings between them continue to be characterized by mutual respect. To ensure that this relationship continues and improves, the Company and the Union and their respective representatives at all levels will apply the terms of this Contract fairly in accord with its intent and meaning, and consistent with the Union’s status as the exclusive bargaining representative of all employees in the unit. Each party shall bring to the attention of all employees in the unit, including new hires, their purpose to conduct themselves in a spirit of responsibility and respect and of the measures they have agreed upon to ensure adherence to this purpose.